有沒有想過在這個疫情艱困的時刻,在家上班工作的你。。如何遠程控制那些在公司的設備,以及相關儀器機台等等。。。 DGP推出一系列的智能遠程IP控制開關,可以幫你實現遠程監控設備用電狀態,遙控設備重啟,讓你真的不必回公司也能解決許多疑難雜症 例如, 你的機器設備當機了,怎麼辦?回公司嗎?不行。。。 這個時候,NPS就可以幫你重啟設備,迅速解決問題,。。 例如, 你的網路設備當機,無法正常運作了。。。怎麼辦? 回公司嗎?不。。。。。。。NPS就是你最佳的幫手,透過IP PING監視,當網路設備有問題而無回應時,會自動重啟電力,使網路設備重新開機,回復正常工作。 進入NPS 網站

How NPS assist you to work from home to remotely control the device power in the company ....

Have you ever thought about you working from home during this difficult time of the epidemic? . How to remotely control the equipment in the company, as well as related instruments and so on. . . DGP has launched a series of intelligent remote IP control switches (NPS) that can help you to remotely monitor the power status of the equipment and restart the remote equipment, so that you can really solve many difficult problems without having to return to the company. For example, what if your machine is down? Back to the company? Nope. . . At this time, NPS can help you restart the device and quickly solve the problem. . For example, your network device is down and not working properly. . . Ho

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