Intelligent Power Panel - Power Meter with DIDO via TCPIP/SNMP


IPP-S series is a single/three phase remotely monitored power meter, built-in 12 independent measurement modules. User may select any one phase of the input voltage as a measurement reference. It supports the monitoring of twelve loops of 1P2W, or four loops of 3P3W/3P4W, or a hybrid combination, providing flexible application.
Each built-in power measurement module supports to monitor voltage, current, power, power factor, kWh and other information in real time. All information can be displayed sequentially on LED monitor by manual and communicated with monitoring device via web browser. SNMP utility is free bundled in the IPP series.
IPP series built-in three groups isolated PT and 12 sets of removable external isolated CT, supports the most secure way to indirectly measure branches of power information in the power distribution panel. IPP series is small and may be easily surface mounted on anywhere you prefer.
IPP-S series combine power and environment monitoring with remote relay control. Its output relays can be triggered manually, or tied to specific alarm settings, includes the temp./humidity sensor and four digital inputs.

Cost saving for software installation

IPP series provides free central management utility to monitor group of IPP series, saving a lot time and cost to build up management system.

Hot line installation

IPP series provide CT clamps for installation on the monitored circuit. The installation could be executed under power-on status.IPP series provide CT clamps for installation on the monitored circuit. The installation could be executed under power-on status.


12 measurement modules may be configured optionally as single-phase, three-phase power or a combination of hybrid.

Full Range

The voltage range is 60V-440V (50 / 60Hz.); the current range is 0.5A-50A and maximum to 200A


IPP series adopts U.S. high-precision industrial microprocessor with a ferroelectric memory (FRAM), being free from power outages and restriction of erase/write cycles. It is highly anti-noise and reliable on saving data.

Remote Monitor

IPP series may remotely monitor power consumption Via TCP/IP and SNMP; it reads complete power information of each loop once a second.

Low power consumption

The power consumption of IPP series is less than 6W.

Cloud Monitor

Through the cloud to collect individual loop power information and 4 digital input status display. And control 4 sets of power output.

Calculation and Control for Power Demand

To avoid exceeding the amount of contracted electricity, IPP-S will notify the administrator via mail, TRAP in advance, or use the pre-setting DO condition to turn off the specified secondary electrical equipment, To provide a power demand curve, clearly shows the gap between real-time electricity consumption and contract volume.

Various method to manage power information

User may monitor power consumption on web, utility and APP.

Dedicated Loops Measurement

There are 12 built-in measurement modules. Each module with independent and complete power measurement capabilities, provides real time measurement data.


Each loop may measure single and three-phase of the real time voltage (V), current (A), power (W), power factor (PF) and the totalization of kWh, kVARh, kVAh.

High Resolution

Active power measurement shows 0.001kW-50kW; energy measurement displays 0.001kWh-99999kWh.

High Precision

The accuracy rate of kWh measurement is within ±1.0% (@PF=1.0, Rated Current), and W, V, A, VA, PF within ±1.0% (@Rated Current).


IPP series adopts indirect measurement through PT and CT, isolated from measurement device. After installation all wiring and terminals are protected by terminal cover. IPP series also grants FCC & CE EMC certification.


It is built-in four digital inputs and four relay output ports. The relay outputs allow for automatic response by the alarm conditions you select. The relays can trigger flashing lights, back-up a/c (via contactor) and/or other external devices. When the current and DI signal deviates from the preset conditions, it can trigger DO to control the power output.

Power Record

Through the web page shows the last 5000 power data. You can also check all the power history records stored on the SD card via FTP.

Model List

1P2W/1P3W Power Monitor and Switch by TCP-IP/SNMP


Intelligent power panel, 1P2W/1P3W, RJ45x1, RJ11x2, Digital Input x4, Digital Output x4, USB Wifi Dongle x1, 10Ø CT x 12

3P3W Power Monitor and Switch by TCP-IP/SNMP


Intelligent power panel, 3P3W, RJ45x1, RJ11x2, USB Wifi Dongle x1, Digital Input x4, Digital Output x4, 10Ø CT x 12

3P4W, Power Monitor and Switch by TCP-IP/SNMP


Intelligent power panel, 3P4W, RJ45x1, RJ11x2, USB Wifi Dongle x1, Digital Input x4, Digital Output x4, 10Ø CT x 12

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