Per Outlet Monitor and Switch PDU - POM

It adapts a totally new network interface card and provides many new features to meet customer requests in the past. Cloud PDU can assist administrators easily monitor and control power distribution units. 

System Function

Support 10/100M Ethernet interface, provides webpage and SNMP remote management.

Built-in embedded system

Radius certification support.

Management Account Certification

Store up to 5000 power and event data

Power record

User-definable button function

Hardware key definition

Support Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Arabian, Persian

Multilingual Support

Seven-segments can display current, web site and temperature and humidity values.

Local display information

Multi-group account management system. And provide three-tier permission management.

Multi-account management

Provides remote firmware upgrade mechanism

Remote firmware upgrade

Temperature units can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit

Temperature unit conversion

Support ICMP, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NTP, SNMP v1 / 2/3, TLS1.2, IPv4 and IPv6, Telnet, SSHv2

Multiple protocols

Support IP filtering, improve network security mechanisms

IP filtering

Send the normal operation of the message automatically by trap.

System operation message

Support the output of the system settings, to easily deploy a large amount of the same model of PDU

System configuration restore
Power Management

Remote per outlet current monitoring.

Outlet-Level Monitor

Measure PDU total current consumption.

Current Measurement

When current exceeds the preset threshold, PDU will beep and LED will flash

Event Alert

Free centralized monitoring software, real-time monitoring of a large number of PDU, provide data records and history chart.

Central Management

Set multiple outlets as a single group while controlling the power output.

Group Control

Outlet action via pre-set event, including power, environment event and receiving trap from other device.

Event Reaction

Remote monitoring PDU status by web and SNMP

Remote Monitor

Notify specified user by mail and SNMP when outlet action or current over threshold.

Mail Notification

User-definable power on/off sequence time.

Power Sequence

Timed & scheduled on/off/reboot control.

Schedule Control

Optional accessory probe to detect temperature and humidity.

Environment Detection

Remote per outlet on/off by web and SNMP

Remote Control

User-definable warning and overload threshold value as the basis for alarm

Threshold Sensing

When overload, circuit breaker will automatically trip to protect the safety of electricity.

Overload Protection

When the specified IT device does not respond to PING, the output will perform a preset power action.

Ping Event Control

Voltage, frequency, power factor, active power, apparent power and kWh measurement.

kWh Measurement
Model List


115V, 15A, kWh


Rack PDU, 1U 30A 115V NEMA L5-30P (8) NEMA 5-15/20R (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (1)Breaker

115V, 30A, kWh


Rack PDU, 1U 30A 115V NEMA L5-30P (8) NEMA 5-15/20R (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (2) UL489 Breaker

115V, 30A, kWh


Rack PDU, 0U 30A 115V NEMA L5-30P (24) NEMA 5-15/20R (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (3) UL489 Breaker


208V, 30A, kWh


Rack PDU, 0U 30A 208V NEMA L6-30P (21)C13 (3)C19 (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (3) UL489 Breaker


230V, 16A, kWh


Rack PDU, 1U 16A 230V IEC320 C20 (8)C13 (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (1) Breaker

230V, 32A, kWh


Rack PDU, 1U 32A 230V IEC309 (8)C13 (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (2)UL489 Breaker

230V, 32A, kWh


Rack PDU, 0U 32A 230V IEC309 (21)C13 (3)C19 (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (3)UL489 Breaker

3 Phase 400V

3 Phase, 400V, 11.1kVA, kWh


Rack PDU, 0U 32A, 400V AC, 3ph WYE, 22.2kVA, IEC 309, IEC (21)C13 (3)C19,(1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (3)UL489 Breaker

3 Phase, 400V, 22.2kVA, kWh


Rack PDU, 0U 32A, 400V AC, 3ph WYE, 22.2kVA, IEC 309, IEC (18)C13 (6)C19,(1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 (6)UL489 Breaker

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