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About Digipower

Founded in 1999, DigiPower was started from designing and manufacturing power products for our OEM/ODM customers. As a leading rack PDU manufacturer in Taiwan, we specialize in data center related products and accessories, such as Rack PDU, Intelligent PDU and IP power meter.


Our products are designed under the basis of integrating power management in the field of commercial data center and industrial system. The main category of products includes Basic PDU, Metered PDU, IP Monitored PDU, Switched PDU and IP power meter. To provide our customers the most efficient and cost-effective solution in remotely power management is always our greatest goal and mission.


DigiPower regards the safety in power industry is the most critical issue so we insists to provide good and stable quality of power- related products which are through our severe testing and approved process.


DigiPower supports our worldwide partners to win the tendering in the fields of stock exchange, government organs, data center and global enterprises. Our clients are H.K. MTR, Israeli Stock Exchange, IBM in France, beIN Sports in Qatar, United Nation, Telefonica, and Singapore Metro. DigiPower could be your most trustworthy and reliable partner to cooperate.

DGP Office


More than 200 customers from all industries use DGP products to get the information they need.  From data center to enterprise and office, instant access to critical energy data makes companies better prepared to face the challenges of doing business in today's competitive environment.

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