Switched PDU

Switched PDU

Switched PDU allows an administrator to access the rack PDU from a remote terminal and interface with it to turn on or off outlets and control load by web and SNMP. This can be helpful if a remote machine has gone into an unresponsive state and cannot be restarted though normal means. An administrator can connect to the PDU the machine is plugged into to power cycle the machine.

Current Measurement

Measure PDU total current consumption

Mail Notification

Notify user by mail and SNMP when outlet action or current over threshold

Central Management

Free centralized monitoring software, real-time monitoring of a large number of PDU

Overload Protection

When overload, breaker will be tripped to protect the safety of electricity

Power Sequence

User-definable power on/off sequence time

Threshold Sensing

User-definable warning and overload threshold value as the basis for alarm 

Event Alert

If current exceeds the preset threshold, PDU will beep and LED will flash

Available by Model
kWh Measurement

Voltage, frequency, PF, active power, apparent power and kWh measurement.

Schedule Control

Timed & scheduled on/off/reboot control.

Group Control

Set multiple outlets as a single group while controlling the power output.

Environment Detection

Optional accessory probe to detect temperature and humidity.

Ping Event Control

No response by PING, the output will perform a preset power action.

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