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DGP Compound PDU

The DGP intelligent Compound PDU combines the functions of monitoring and controlling power.

Monitoring: Provides voltage, current, frequency, PF, Watt and kWh monitoring functions.

Control: In addition to directly switching any socket at the remote end, you can also perform scheduling, PING and preset control linked to events.

Elite Compound PDU has flexible socket configuration than the single function PDU. Even better, users do not need to spend more money to buy unnecessary power management function configuration

In the distribution of sockets, take the model WPD-1623K-12N1 as an example:

WPD-1623K-12N1 has a total of 12 output sockets. PDU can monitor all power information, and only 4 sets of sockets provide control functions. Such a composite configuration of socket functions provides users with a more flexible power management method.

It can be used in the form factor of 0U and 1U PDU.

Data sheet is listed below. You can check.

Please contact us if you need any further information.

WPD-1623K-12N1 1U/16A/230V/(12)C13

WPD-1623K-12N1 EN 3
Download PDF • 927KB

WPC-3223C-32N2 0U/32A/230V/(30)C13(2)C19

WPC-3223C-32N2 EN 3
Download PDF • 1.10MB

WPD-1511A-12N1 1U/15A/115V/(12)NEMA 5-15/20R

WPD-1511A-12N1 EN 3
Download PDF • 932KB

WPC-3011M-28N2 0U/30A/115V/(28)NEMA 5-15/20R

WPC-3011M-28N2 TW2
Download PDF • 946KB


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