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POM PDU provides remote manual control of the critical devices by clicking on a few buttons on the smart phone or computer web-page. Stop the problem device by cutting off the power to a specific outlet. By cycling the power off and restarting the device remotely, you save time and money by eliminating the need to send technicians to the root cause of the problem.,

Managers can monitor the power usage information of each output port from the remote end through the Internet to fully understand the power consumption of all the devices. Set up overload event alerts and notify managers via Email and TRAP, allowing managers to respond to crises in the shortest possible time to minimize disasters.

POM has one environmental sensor ports that track climate information: temperature and humidity environment variables. The data is available from any web browser and is SNMP-compliant for easy tracking of critical data without the use of any external software.

Provide central management software, which can manage a large number of PDUs’ power, temperature and humidity information. The database stores the power consumption information of the power strip and provides the history curve chart for the manager's reference.

Model Number


ELINTE 3 PH面板-1.png


System Function

Built-in embedded system

Support 10/100M Ethernet interface, provides webpage and SNMP remote management.

Local display information

OLED can display current, voltage, kWh, IP, temperature and humidity information

Multi-account management

Multi-group account management system. And provide three-tier permission management.

Power record

Store up to 100000 power and event data

System operation message

Send the normal operation of the message automatically by trap.

Temperature unit conversion

Temperature units can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit

Multilingual Support

Support Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Arabian, Persian

Multiple protocols

Support ICMP, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NTP, SNMP v1 / 2/3, TLS1.2, IPv4 and IPv6, Telnet, SSHv2

Management Account Certification

Radius certification support.

IP filtering

Support IP filtering, improve network security mechanisms

Remote firmware upgrade

Provides remote firmware upgrade mechanism

Hardware key definition

User-definable button function

System configuration restore

Support the output of the system settings, to easily deploy a large amount of the same model of PDU

Daisy Chain

Support cascading management

Power Management



Output Voltage

200-240 VAC

Max. Current

32 A / phase

Outlet Type

(21) C13, (3) C19


(24) Green LED

Outlet Status Ind.

(24) Red LED

Power Status

(1) Red LED

Overload Protection

(6) 16A UL489



Input Voltage

400 VAC, 3 Phase 3P+N+PE


50/60Hz, full range

Max. Capacity

22 kVA

Input Type

IEC309, power cord, 3m



ENET Connection

(1) RJ45

ENV Connection

(2) RJ11

Function Selection

(1) Button

Info. Display

Monochrome OLED

Daisy Chain

(2) RJ22

WIFI Ready

(1) USB




+/-1%+/-0.1A @0.2A ~ 20 A


+/- 1% +/- 1V @80V~260V

Active Power

+/- 1% +/- 5W @50W~8000W

Apparent Power

+/- 1% @50VA~8000VA


+/- 1% @50~65Hz

Power Factor

+/- 1% @0.1~1.0


.001kWh~99999.999kWh, (+/- 1% @50W~8000W) kh=1.0



Net Size

1778 x 56 x 80 mm

Net Weight

8.6 kg

Package Size

1890 x 220 x 110 mm

Package Weight

9.8 kg



Operation Temp.

0 ~ 50℃

Operation Humid.

0% ~ 90% RH

Storage Temp.

-20℃ ~ 65℃

Storage Humid.

0% ~ 90% RH






2 Years


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Optional Accessory

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