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How NPS assist you to work from home to remotely control the device power in the company ....

Have you ever thought about you working from home during this difficult time of the epidemic? . How to remotely control the equipment in the company, as well as related instruments and so on. . .

DGP has launched a series of intelligent remote IP control switches (NPS) that can help you to remotely monitor the power status of the equipment and restart the remote equipment, so that you can really solve many difficult problems without having to return to the company.

For example, what if your machine is down? Back to the company? Nope. . . At this time, NPS can help you restart the device and quickly solve the problem. .

For example, your network device is down and not working properly. . . How to do? Back to the company? Do not. . . . . . . NPS is your best helper. Through IP PING monitoring, when there is a problem with the network equipment and there is no response, it will automatically restart the power to restart the network equipment and resume normal work.


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