Cabinet Power Monitoring Solution

Customer: Internet Service Provider Problem 客戶新建機房,共有198個機櫃,每一個機櫃需要兩組16孔插座,在有限預算下,客戶希望能夠監控每一個機櫃的用電量,並且能夠同時監控機櫃的溫濕度。 The customer newly built rack room, altogether has 198 cabinets, each cabinet needs two groups of 16 plugs, under the limited budget, the customer hoped that can monitor each cabinet's electricity consumption, and can simultaneously monitor cabinet's humidity. Solution 我們與客戶詳談後,利用CPM機櫃電力監視系統,將供電排插與網路監視機制分離,使一組網路監控模組,最多可同時監控八組基本型供電排插,使其費用大幅降低。 We discussed with customer and decided to use CPM, the cabinet power monitor system to separates power supply with the network surveillance mechanism. CPM can simultaneously monitor eight PDU, made customer expense to reduce largely. Benef

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