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Intelligent DI/DO Manager

Do you want to remotely monitor and control your IT devices and environmental sensors with ease and efficiency? Do you want to save energy and improve security with smart scheduling and event control? Do you want to get notified of any abnormal situations and take actions quickly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Intelligent DI/DO Manager.

Intelligent DI/DO Manager is a powerful and versatile device that can connect to various DI/DO devices and sockets and communicate through web and SNMP protocols. With this product, you can:

  • Manage your device settings and parameters through any browser or SNMP management software.

  • Monitor your device status and data, such as DI/DO status, temperature and humidity values, event records, etc.

  • Receive Email and SNMP Traps notifications when an event occurs, such as DI/DO status change, temperature and humidity out of range, IT device no response, etc.

  • Turn on or off any socket at any time or link it to DI events to control the IT devices on the socket.

  • Measure the environmental temperature and humidity values with up to 2 sets of optional accessories of temperature and humidity sensors and get notified if they exceed the range.

  • Test whether your IT devices are working properly by sending PING commands and perform preset DO actions or socket control if they are not responding.

  • Set a specific time to turn on or off any DO port or socket to save energy and optimize performance.

  • Trigger opening or closing a specified DO port or socket based on DI conditions, such as opening the alarm when the access control sensor is opened or closing the power switch and socket when the smoke sensor is opened.

  • Connect a socket that continuously supplies power and cannot be remotely controlled, such as it can power DI devices that cannot be powered off.

Intelligent DI/DO Manager is the ultimate solution for your remote monitoring and control needs. It is easy to install, configure and use. It is compatible with various DI/DO devices and sockets and supports 100M Ethernet interface. It is reliable, durable and cost-effective.

Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your IT infrastructure with Intelligent DI/DO Manager. Please feel free to contact us for relevant price information.

Model 1: IOT-IO-C3: 1P2W 10A 230V C14 In (2)C13 (2)DO (4)DI (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 C13/C14 1.8m

Model 2: IOT-IO-N3: 1P2W 15A 115V C14 In (2)5-15R (2)DO (4)DI (1)RJ45 (2)RJ11 C13/5-15P 1.8m

Download PDF • 856KB

Download PDF • 881KB


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