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Interaction between UPS and PDU


Smart UPS users


When power failure, UPS will continue to supply power, however, due to the limited capacity of the UPS, some secondary equipment can be shut down in order to extend the UPS power supply time and keep the important equipment running.

But how do I turn off some secondary devices?


Through the UPS's network management interface, the user sets SNMP Trap and sends it to the DGP Cloud PDU. When the Cloud PDU receives the specified Trap, it will trigger the event action setting, it will turn the specified output on or off, and reaches the effect of low power consumption.

PDU web interface

Benefits (Result)

Reduce UPS power consumption. When the power fails, it can extend the important equipment power usage.

Send SNMP Trap to DGP Cloud PDU to control the specified output switch, the same mode can also be used for other IT equipment.

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