NPS Application

NPS Application


System Integrator



Existing Basic PDU is basic type and unable to be monitored for the power consumption. Customer hopes to establish the power monitor system but the effect for operation will have the lowest situation. The budget is also the consideration key point.



DGP provides 2 port type PDU, this PDU can provide power information for each output port, and has the control, schedule control functions. To coordinate with free bundle network monitoring software, the customer can monitor all PDU power consumption information without disassembling the existing basic PDU.

Benefits (Result)

  • 現有基本型供電排插,完全無須拆除,僅需裝置此機型POM,則可達到網路監控目的。

  • 大幅降低設備更換時間費用

  • Existing Basic PDU do not need to be disassembled.

  • Save money

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

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