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Enterprise public areas power management

Power management for various devices in enterprise public spaces, such as meeting rooms, work desks, etc.
In the public space of the enterprise, when no one is using it; when it is idle for a long time, or during a period of vacation, various task-based equipment continues to consume energy, resulting in a waste of electricity and expenses.

To use the scheduling function in the intelligent PDU to set when the devices should be turned on or when they should be turned off.

Hardware: Switched PDU, NPS, POM


Provide scheduling control power output, the manager can set a specific time to turn on and off the devices automatically. The interface displays as follows:
Schedule List: Preset various device schedules and perform power management.

With the Intelligent PDU, there is no need for manual control, and the output power on and off times can be preset so that the equipment can be powered on only when the power is needed, which can save energy and expenses.
  • Instant control

  • Plan maintenance

  • Energy-saving and carbon reduction

  • Reduce electricity cost

  • Reduce labor maintenance costs

Recommended Model

NPD-1023J-02N1, NPD-1511A-02N1, NPD-1511A-04N1, NPD-1623K-04N1, NPS-1023J-01N1, NPS-1023J-02N1, NPS-1023J-04N1, NPS-1511A-01N1, NPS-1511A-02N1, NPS-1511A-04N1

WSD-1023J-08N1, WSD-1511A-08N1, WSD-1623K-08N1, WSD-2011K-08N1, WSD-2011L-08N1, WSD-2020Q-08N1, WSH-1511A-08N1, WSH-1623K-08N1, WSK-1023J-08N1, WSK-1511A-08N1, WSK-1623K-08N1, WSK-2011K-08N1, WSK-2011L-08N1, WSK-2020Q-08N1

MSH-1023J-08N8, MSH-1511A-08N8, MSH-1623K-08N8, MSH-2011B-08N8, WDH-1623K-08N8, WHD-1023J-08N8, WHD-1511A-08N8, WHD-1623K-08N8, WHH-1511A-08N8, WHH-1623K-08N8, WHK-1023J-08N8, WHK-1511A-08N8, WHK-1623K-08N8, WKK-1623K-08N8

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