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For non-intelligent PDU, fast way to monitor power consumption

DGP provides advanced Elite intelligent PDU, includes dual power circuit monitoring which is POMO series, dual power circuit control and monitor which is POM series. The existing non-intelligent PDU can be upgraded to intelligent monitoring and intelligent control. Help users to fully grasp the electricity status

Please review their data sheet from the following link: .

POM series

WHK-3223C-02K2 / 32A 230V

WHK-3223C-02K2 EN 5
Download PDF • 909KB

WHK-3011M-02N2 / 30A 115V

WHK-3011M-02N2 EN 5
Download PDF • 913KB

POMO series

WNK-3223C-02K2 / 32A 230V

WNK-3223C-02K2 EN 5
Download PDF • 881KB

WNK-3011M-02N2 / 30A 115V

WNK-3011M-02N2 TW 5
Download PDF • 855KB


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