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Intelligent Management System

Intelligent Management System consists of 1. Integrated Environment Manager, 2. Power Meter, 3. Power Switch, 4. DIDO Manager, 5. Temperature and Humidity Detector.

All modules can be used as a stand-alone product or combined together with each other.

All modules are web-enable, and support SNMP protocols which can let users to develop their own environment management software system.

The followings are products information. You can download them to get detail information.

Intelligent 4 DI/DO Manager

Intelligent 4DIO Manager EN 1
Download PDF • 717KB

Intelligent Power Meter

Intelligent Power Meter EN 1
Download PDF • 897KB

Intelligent Power Switch

Intelligent Power Switch EN 1
Download PDF • 773KB

Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Detector

Intelligent Temperature & Humidity Detec
Download • 807KB


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