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Managing PDU output based on TRAP notification

1. Applicable devices: Server, UPS, PDU, etc., IT equipment with the ability to send SNMP trap

2. How to use:

  • I. List the events that want to shut down or restart the PDU, for example: the server is shut down regularly, the UPS mains power is interrupted, and the PDU power on/off

  • II. Find the corresponding TRAP OID for events.

  • III. Fill the corresponding TRAP OID into the TRAP field in the PDU-Event Action, as shown by the red box in the figure. After adding, it will be added to the event table, as shown in the green box in the figure

Please note: If you want to turn off the PDU output after the server is shut down, you need to estimate the time it takes for the server to shut down, and then fill this time into the delay seconds to ensure that the output will not be shut down before the server is shut down.


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