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Power redundant plus individual outlet management

Automatic transfer switch system combined with the outlet-level monitoring and control functions can improve the safety of equipment power consumption and ensure the reliability of the uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

In order to provide the above-mentioned features, DGP specially launched the APD series ATS system to meet the advanced power management needs

Here are 3 main features

Automatic transfer switch

When Input A falls below pre-set working voltage and Input B is valid, the output is automatically transferred to Input B. The output is transferred back to Input A when Input A is valid. This high speed transfer rate ensures that the transfer is transparent to the sensitive equipment.

Output control automation

any one of the outlet cane be
  1. auto on/off by pre-set schedule Switch the power output of designated outlets at designated times to effectively manage energy consumption

  2. auto on/off if no PING response Monitor the specified network device, switch the power on and off when there is no response, restart the device that has no PING response, and ensure that the device continues to operate

  3. auto on/off if temperature / humidity over threshold Monitor the environmental status, switch designated equipment according to environmental changes, such as cooling, exhaust system, etc., to ensure the safety of the operating environment

  4. auto on/off if current over threshold The interval is the power consumption status of each socket. When the warning limit is exceeded, some secondary equipment can be turned off to avoid overloading and causing electricity safety concerns.

  5. auto on/off if input A or B transfer When switching to the backup power supply, if the backup power supply is a UPS, some secondary devices can be turned off to extend the power supply time of the UPS.

Intelligent management

Total and individual outlet monitor

Power usage history chart

Individual outlet control

Event log



230V 32A

APD-3223C-08N2 EN 4
Download PDF • 1.05MB


230V 16A

APD-1623K-08N1 EN 4
Download PDF • 1.05MB


115V 30A

APD-3011M-08N2 EN 4
Download PDF • 1.04MB


115V 15A

APD-1511A-08N1 EN 4
Download PDF • 1.06MB

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