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Get all DGP product information by QR code

Thanks for using DGP PDU. DGP will make changes to the PDU user manual, management software and SNMP MIB provision method.

A CD is originally included to the DGP intelligent PDU package; its content contains user manuals, PDU utility and SNMP MIB. As the CD player gradually disappeared from the PC, coupled with the mature cloud data access technology; further considering the possible waste and environmental issues caused by the low reuse of CD content; DGP decided to put all the data in one neutral cloud space, and a QR code is provided in the PDU package. After scanning the QR code, the user can obtain all the data of the PDU

If you have any suggestions for this change, you are welcome to contact the sales personnel, and we will make corrections based on the opinions of all parties.

Note: For OEM customers, if you want to continue to use CDs to provide manuals and management software, DGP will continue to supply CDs without any changes


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